The New Zealand Guild of Storytellers
Keith’s stories are both relevant and important because they are about the lived life.
He is the astute observer of life around him and of his own life.
If anybody can – he has the ability to put these observations to words and rhyme.
And in addition to that, move peoples hearts and get them listening to and engaged in, his stories.
Stories of what hurts, what is unfair, what is incomprehensible, what is funny.
He is able to twist the picture so his audience has to figure out if it’s him or a friend
who is the betrayed or the bastard.
When Keith’s art is at it’s best, it is showing a wondering or a pain more than the didactic or preachy tone. 
When he is showing the wonder, the reflection or the pain, he is really naked in front of his audience.
And he touches their hearts directly.
And that’s the profound art of this Storyteller and Social Commentator.
I guess he had to walk many roads with ‘What Will We Do’ – a story showing and sharing the pain
of what is happening in the modern life of his New Zealand.
Hanne Maja Christiansen

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