The New Zealand Guild of Storytellers

What a wonderful evening. The venue was intimate in our lovely village of Thames, with Jennifer Neale, our hostess and chef of beautiful food at The Tea Rose Cafe, a hub of warmth. Keith the Storyteller delivered his insightful, clever and funny rhyme with lovely gentle guitar and his warm rich voice and great vibes enhanced it all. A mix of material that captured so much. Childhood mischief, life experiences and growth, misfortunes and love. Laughter and a slight welling of tears instead of sitting at home observing the news of current affairs discussions and feeling anger and detesting examples of excessive greed, lack of ethics and great poverty, being able to share a smile and glassy eyes with others who share human values and care. Words presented succinctly that said so much. On arriving home my husband announced it a 12 out of 10 evening. And he can be hard to please. That says it all.

Love and hugs. Makalea Hauser. Thames.


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evelyn davis

December 18, 2016 at 7:09 pm

What a spectacularly wonderful description. i would have driven all the way from Auckland for such an evening.. please let me know when you will be repeating such an event. Even the venue sounds appealing… cheers, Evelyn.

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