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Kerikeri Retirement Village Storytelling Event, May 2, 2016
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A beautiful Autumn day. The Storyteller is coming this afternoon I tell everybody. And indeed ‘The Flying Tortoise’ is sighted, creating interest all round. Keith The Storyteller, The Roaming Rhymester and Social Commentator had arrived at the village to tell us stories. We sat close as Keith played soft guitar music as he told his magical, thought provoking and entertaining stories, We were all totally engaged in the now. Keith is a very good storyteller and I would highly recommend him to entertain you. We would like Keith to return.

Sandra Trafford. Diversional Therapist. Kerikeri Retirement Village. Kerikeri.

Whangateau Acoustic Music And Social Club Event, February 29, 2016
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Back in February, my friends and I were entertained at the Whangateau Folk Club by Keith Levy in his role as The Roaming Rhymester. Keith accompanies himself on guitar whilst telling wonderful, soulful, thought provoking stories in rhyme. Some are funny, others sad but overall thoroughly entertaining. It was a great performance in front of a large crowd in the hall. How I would like to hear him in a smaller group situation like a club or house party. His stories are beautifully crafted tales of life, all written and told from his intriguing viewpoint.

Such talent. If you get the opportunity, go listen,,,

Heather Fowke, Henderson, Auckland.

Our Saturday Storytelling Soiree In Kerikeri. April 9, 2016
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A diverse group of friends and neighbours gathered at our home on Saturday evening and were enthralled, entertained and delighted with Keith’s uniquely told stories in rhyme. The feedback has been fabulous and we look forward to hosting Keith again, and too, having The Flying Tortoise parked on our lawn.

Helen and Brad. Davis Strongman Drive, Kerikeri

Storytelling At Sunset In Thames. March 12, 2016
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Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us and our friends on a beautiful balmy evening in Thames recently. We did so enjoy our listening experience. You had a message which touched every single person. Your wisdom, humour and vocal ability had us all captivated. We look forward to many more magic moments.

Prue and Geoff Furkert. Thames.

A Kaiaua Coast Concert For Luthier Noel Sweetman, March 16, 2016
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I travelled today to the Kaiaua Seabird Coast on The Firth of Thames to meet up with an extraordinary friend in Keith Levy. As The Roaming Rhymester he presents his own worldly tales, with guitar accompaniment, in an original and often quirky mix of rhyme, free verse and social commentary. He kept me captivated for an hour with an impromptu concert, the likes of which I have never heard before. Do attend if he’s doing a gig near you…

Noel Sweetman. Luthier,

Te Miro. Cambridge.