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The Tea Rose Cafe, Thames. June 17, 2016
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Jennifer is a gem in the cultural crown of Thames. As well as being an entertainer herself, she owns the delightful Tea Rose Cafe in Grahamstown where she conjures up great food from the very best ingredients. So, when asked if we would like to come for dinner on Friday night and hear a guitar playing storyteller, I was intrigued, said ‘yes’ and was very pleased we went, from both points of view.
Keith Levy describes himself as a storyteller and social commentator, which he very definitely is, but, I would like to add my own experience of an evening in his presence. Keith tells his stories in rhyme, accompanying himself gently on acoustic guitar. His stories are engagingly entertaining and humorous, with tinges of sadness, and a great dollop of truthful observation. The evening was delightful in the intimate atmosphere of The Tea Rose Cafe where Keith engaged his audience as he challenged them to think about all sorts of important things, not necessarily discussed in every day circumstances.
I thoroughly recommend that you take the opportunity to go and see Keith if he passes by your way.
Keith Levy
Leave all your pre-conceived notions behind
Be aware, he might open your mind
Be prepared to feel several emotions while there
You may be surprised what you find.
Keith Levy’s a teller of wonderful tales
But his commentary’s really much more
With pathos and humour and gentle guitar
Words, ideas and even folk lore.
He’ll make you think way beyond when you come in
Of words far away and some near
Yes he’s gentle and funny and sad as he tells
Some truths we all need to hear.
Experience something quite different today
Entertaining while making you ponder.
Don’t miss this philosopher, not here to stay
Let your heart and soul feel the wonder.
Maggie Gill. Thames.

Torbay Folk Club. June 3, 2016
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I was tired after a busy week but decided to to the Torbay Folk Club to see Keith perform anyway. He immediately mesmerised me with his opening story about words being garments and how the telling of them means he’s shedding his clothes and standing before us as ‘The Naked Storyteller’ His physical appearance reminds me of a Samuel Beckett character from ‘Waiting  for Godot’ who, as we all know is the master story teller. Keith accompanies himself on acoustic classical guitar which creates a wonderful background for the poetry and characters to dwell in. His quiet amplified whispering of the rhyming stories entices you into his world of very real and believable characters. Characters who you identify and empathise with in a very emotional way. His use of pauses and facial expressions enhance the depth of emotions you are experiencing. Some of his stories are very sad, some very funny, which contributes to a very thought provoking and sometimes tearful, entertaining hour long performance. This day after I am still mulling over the rhyming words and themes of Keith’s beautifully realised character’s lives. Keith is in the realm of our great New Zealand Storytellers like Sam Hunt and James K Baxter.

What a great show.

Patrick Cox, Rothesay Bay. Auckland.


Kerikeri Retirement Village Storytelling Event, May 2, 2016
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A beautiful Autumn day. The Storyteller is coming this afternoon I tell everybody. And indeed ‘The Flying Tortoise’ is sighted, creating interest all round. Keith The Storyteller, The Roaming Rhymester and Social Commentator had arrived at the village to tell us stories. We sat close as Keith played soft guitar music as he told his magical, thought provoking and entertaining stories, We were all totally engaged in the now. Keith is a very good storyteller and I would highly recommend him to entertain you. We would like Keith to return.

Sandra Trafford. Diversional Therapist. Kerikeri Retirement Village. Kerikeri.

Whangateau Acoustic Music And Social Club Event, February 29, 2016
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Back in February, my friends and I were entertained at the Whangateau Folk Club by Keith Levy in his role as The Roaming Rhymester. Keith accompanies himself on guitar whilst telling wonderful, soulful, thought provoking stories in rhyme. Some are funny, others sad but overall thoroughly entertaining. It was a great performance in front of a large crowd in the hall. How I would like to hear him in a smaller group situation like a club or house party. His stories are beautifully crafted tales of life, all written and told from his intriguing viewpoint.

Such talent. If you get the opportunity, go listen,,,

Heather Fowke, Henderson, Auckland.

Our Saturday Storytelling Soiree In Kerikeri. April 9, 2016
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A diverse group of friends and neighbours gathered at our home on Saturday evening and were enthralled, entertained and delighted with Keith’s uniquely told stories in rhyme. The feedback has been fabulous and we look forward to hosting Keith again, and too, having The Flying Tortoise parked on our lawn.

Helen and Brad. Davis Strongman Drive, Kerikeri