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Storytelling at The Tea Rose Cafe. June 24, 2016
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What a wonderful evening. The venue was intimate in our lovely village of Thames, with Jennifer Neale, our hostess and chef of beautiful food at The Tea Rose Cafe, a hub of warmth. Keith the Storyteller delivered his insightful, clever and funny rhyme with lovely gentle guitar and his warm rich voice and great vibes enhanced it all. A mix of material that captured so much. Childhood mischief, life experiences and growth, misfortunes and love. Laughter and a slight welling of tears instead of sitting at home observing the news of current affairs discussions and feeling anger and detesting examples of excessive greed, lack of ethics and great poverty, being able to share a smile and glassy eyes with others who share human values and care. Words presented succinctly that said so much. On arriving home my husband announced it a 12 out of 10 evening. And he can be hard to please. That says it all.

Love and hugs. Makalea Hauser. Thames.


Kings Theatre Performance, Kawakawa. July 24, 2016
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If you need anything done, give the job to a busy person and I am busy, so when Mary suggested we go to hear a storyteller in an old and cold movie theatre in Kawakawa, a small town in Northland, I was far from keen. We were met by Keith wearing a Bowler Hat and a warm, welcoming smile. As he fiddled with some sound equipment and picked a few guitar chords I thought, here we go, perhaps I can have a little nap. To my surprise, his quiet voice and gentle melodic guitar playing got my attention and I found myself caught up in his storytelling, his views on the world, people, relationships and his honesty. The only ways to really engage with an audience are with truth, humour and deep commitment. Keith has all of these qualities and his timing, vocal sound and subject matter ensured my full attention. And gratefulness too, to Mary for overcoming my reluctance to being there. I came away with many thoughts but none so telling as to remember to tell those close that I love them. Not only on birthdays or at Christmas but every day, time or moment that you mean it. Perhaps it was also no surprise that Keith and I had a past friendship in our early school years in Eastbourne and Days Bay on the east coast of Wellington many years ago. It really is a small world…

Roger Wyatt, Russell, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Imago Aotearoa New Zealand 20th Annual Conference Celebration at Kawai Purapura, Albany. September 2, 2016
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Being at one of Keith’s performances is unlike anything you may have ever come across before.
He’s a one-off. Is his material poetry? Is it song? If he is part of a tradition, it’s that of Storyteller, Bard, Wandering Minstrel, Court Jester even. Keith’s stories pour out of him.
Beautifully crafted, easy to understand and unashamedly filled with simple colloquial language. ‘Don’t you love it when…’ They are about life as it is lived. Some people may take offence at some of his material but the stories are true to life and Keith always comes back to the joy of life and the wonder of love.
A feature of his presentation is that he shows himself achingly vulnerable,
There is some doom, some gloom, yet Keith is on the side of life.
He journeys on The Road Less Travelled.
Peter McMillan. Warkworth.
Imago Institute For Relationships. (NZ)

A Saturday Evening At Taurikura Bay. August 20, 2016
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We had Keith telling his wonderful original stories at our home last Saturday night and the twenty friends from the neighborhood were spellbound throughout the entire nearly two hour performance. Complete with wine and a delicious supper, it was a lovely evening for all. Travelling Minstrels don’t come much better than The Roaming Rhymester.

Jan Boyes and Gordon Cromshaw. Whangarei Heads Road, Taurikura Bay.

Richmond Villas Event, Thames. June 22, 2016
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Since his recent visit to Richmond Villas in Thames, I’ve imagined a plethora of critiques that I might write but I committed them to my head instead of to paper. I had read a promotional poster regarding Keith Levy’s impending visit and decided I must see this man and listen to his banter. He met me as I entered the entertainment room, crooked his arm and escorted me to a front row seat. Oh dear I said, I belong to the back seats and I wondered what sort of behavior an elderly woman such as I should be seen to display in front of a bunch of stoic, not so old people in a retirement village. He started to pick his guitar and send forth words and slowly the words became words of wisdom, short passages with long learning lessons. A book published with all his stories would be very valuable to many including me. I loved how in one of his stories, he ‘came out’ and declared himself, in front of the audience of fifty something, a ‘hugger’. I am now an ardent hugger too. Most of all I loved his humor and his crazy hat and I do hope I’ll enjoy another performance of his stories in the near future…

Pauline Anaru. Richmond Villas, Thames.