The New Zealand Guild of Storytellers

  • Tells to: Children
  • Location: Auckland NZ
  • Cost: Cost is negotiable.

I am a performance poet, storyteller, and writer and performer of one-man plays.  My characters are boys, aged from 4 to 11 years old.  I portray childhood from a boy’s perspective, in a way that is emotionally powerful, thought-provoking and also entertaining.  There are three types of performance I am offering.


[1]        FUNDRAISER FOR SCHOOLS OR OTHER GROUPS [ie., scout groups/ zones]  

A 70 minute presentation of poems, brief stories and short plays called


This show is aimed at 7-11 year olds and the people who live with then, but any primary and intermediate child would connect with my presentation. I design the publicity material and a half-time quiz based on the show; the school provides the venue, advertise the event, set the price of tickets, and the date and time of the performance.   The school gets 60% of the takings, and can earn extra funds by selling refreshments.


As well as family, the performance could concern feelings, friends and other kids, school, sport, injections and many other child-relevant

topics and issues.   There are also poems based on songs [ie., Old McDonald] and phrases [ie., Are We There Yet] that are simply word

and sound play..

10 – 15 minutes           $1 per audience member

16 – 30 minutes           $2 per audience member

31 – 60 minutes           $5 per audience member

Payment for performances longer than 60 minutes can be negotiated.


I have written 7 plays, each briefly described below:


TITLE                               TYPE        INFORMATION ABOUT PLAY                                                                   LENGTH                    TARGET



TREASURE                     Drama       I steal watch from my parents, lose it & find it again, then put it back                6 minutes                   6 –  8 yrs

SANTA IS REAL            Comedy    I believe Santa is real, but my big brother does not                                           12 minutes                 6 -11 yrs

THE WAND                    Drama        I think a advertised toy wand is real and steal $10 from my Dad to get it          12 minutes                7 -11 yrs

STEP ON A CRACK      Drama         My brother tries to persuade me I’ll break Mum’s back if I step on a crack    17 minutes                7 -11 yrs

MODEL AIRPLANE      Tragedy      My little brother and Dad drive me to destructive anger                                    30 minutes                7 -11 yrs

RIGHT THOMAS           Tragedy      I’m a good kid who gets cursed, then I steal and things get real bad                  45 minutes               10 -13 yrs

COLIN                            Drama         I’m really shy; one day some man helps me and wants to be my friend             12 minutes               10 -13 yrs _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I can perform more than one play in a single presentation.

The cost of a performance is determined by the same criteria as in [2].

I require some preparation time for these plays when a performance is booked.  So please book 3 months in advance if requesting Model

Aeroplane or Right Thomas.


For no extra fee, I will link my work to the New Zealand Curriculum, and provide guidance on how to foster creative writing and performing, and thinking about issues, themes, and topics relevant to my  material and to all children.

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